Açai Berry Powder

Acai Berry Powder

Ingredients & Dosage

  • Brazilian Acai berry Extract 20:1 100%

Adults (18 and older)
Take 1~2 spoons as powder, or with foods such as banana, milk or yogurt.

About product

Açaí berry is also rich in beneficial plant compounds such as anthocyanins which promote brain health. It is also known to improve memory, reduce stress, and may lower the risk of age-related brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Anthocyanins are also known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, decrease cholesterol, and promote overall heart health. One study even stated that regular intake of anthocyanins can reduce the risk of heart attack in young and middle-aged women by 32 percent.


  • Powerful Anti-oxidant action
  • Anti- aging
  • Boots energy
  • Reducing fatigue
  • Supports immunity
  • Promotes vision and eye health
  • Prevents viral diseases

Product Description

Acai berry

Açaí Berry is called a super fruit, – a wild berry that grows at the top of the Açaí palms in the Amazon jungle. 
Açaíberry contains plenty of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and amino acids.
Its incredibly high amount of antioxidants are stronger than those of the grapes by 30 times and twice than blueberry’s.

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